Jerry Rauenzahn, 2003

Jerry -R-auenzahn made elegant, brilliant, performant billiard cues for decades. He is beloved by his supporters and his craftsmanship is revered by many. As with all of us, there is a time for our works, and a time to rest. Jerry has closed his studio and sold everything to retire with his family.

The Cues

Jerry’s Signature

A Rauenzahn Cue can occasionally be found for sale on several of the enthusiast websites, and modern trading marketplaces. If you are looking for one, you will likely have to dig. They are typically owned for a lifetime. You know it’s a Rauenzahn when it is signed in the points, and has the trademark -R- on the butt. There are few exceptions to this.


Jerry Rauenzahn

Jerry’s entry into cue making derived from his love of the game. He was a talented player, and enjoyed growing the sport and the community wherever he was. In his hometown, he was instrumental in the years of league success as a teacher, promoter, and friend to everyone involved.

Bushka Mosconi
6 Point Coco Bolo
360 Tulip Wood